Mario Editor

Synopsis: With Mario Editor, it's easy to play, create, and share your very own custom Mario levels! Utilize a massive selection of powerups, enemies, items, and other goodies in your creations.

Want to share your level with others? Want to try out levels others have made? Check out the Mario Editor Showcase!

Release Date: June 3, 2016

Genre: Platform/Level Editor

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  • Mario Editor includes a comprehensive tutorial level in order to teach new players how to use its various features.
  • Mario Editor made an appearance at an online community convention in 2016, with a booth that featured 14 levels created by the user Me126546. Me126546 is a talented level designer who posted a bunch of fun and challenging levels on the Mario Editor Showcase. You can still download the Me126546 level pack here.
  • A themed version of Mario Editor called Shroom Editor was later released, which combined the level editor from Mario Editor with the shooter gameplay from The Shroom Project.
  • Mario Editor is the successor to Super Mario Bros: Game Master, and includes loads of new features, like the ability to add multiple sections to each level, a more advanced warp system, an easier to use user interface, a new challenge mode that lets the player play X number of random levels with a set number of lives, and more!
  • However, the ability to create both world maps, and standalone games were not included in Mario Editor. This was done in order to bring all the focus onto the levels.
  • On January 2018, the version 1.1 update of Mario Editor was released. This update added the tile fill tool, multi-tile select, the ability to use modifiers on bricks, and backported bug fixes.
  • On November 2018, the version 1.2 update of Mario Editor was released. This update added three new music tracks, the ability to pan the screen in the editor using middle click, the boss door, and all of the powerups and Koopalings that were added in the Hello Mario Engine 6.2 update.
  • On February 2019, the version 1.3 update of Mario Editor was released. This update added new music tracks and backgrounds, Reznor, the NPC system and mushroom houses from Shroom Editor, and various bug fixes.
  • On December 2019, the version 1.4 holiday update of Mario Editor was released. This update added daredevil mode, snow effects, new music tracks, updated NPC sprites, four new NPCs, two new blocks, and various bug fixes.