Hello Mario Framework

Create your own 3D Mario game with Hello Mario Framework for Unity! Zero programming experience needed! This open source Mario framework is feature packed with tons of items and enemies, and is bundled with open source level design tools that will let you easily create levels and build the 3D Mario game of your dreams!


Making a 3D Mario game is as easy as 1-2-3!


If you do not already have Unity installed, go to the Unity website, and download Unity Hub. Unity Personal is free to use.

Download Unity Hub

Open Unity Hub. In the Installs tab, if you don't already have Unity 2022.3 LTS installed, click the Add button, and install it. In the Add modules section, everything is optional, so pick whatever you want, or uncheck everything to save space.


Download the Hello Mario Framework, and extract its contents. From within Unity Hub, click on Open > Add project from disk, then select the folder that contains Hello Mario Framework.

Download Hello Mario Framework


Latest version: v1.0.1

Hello Mario Framework

Unity project folder. Designed for Unity 2022.3 LTS and above.


Hello Mario Framework Demo

EXE demo for Windows. Showcases the various features included in the Hello Mario Framework.


Hello Mario Framework v1.0.1 (March 22, 2024)

Better Error Messages: Popups will now appear to warn you about common mistakes.
Separated Directional Light from the Control prefab.
Zoomed out the 2D Camera prefab.

Hello Mario Framework v1.0 (February 11, 2024)

Initial Release

Want to see an example of a full-length 3D Mario fangame in action? Make sure to check out Isekai Mario, Hello Fangaming's largest and most ambitious Mario game! The game includes over a hundred power stars, and hundreds of playable characters!

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Anyone can make a 3D Mario game. Even you!

Easy to Use

Creating your own 3D Mario game is easy! All you need is a copy of Unity, and the Hello Mario Framework, and you're good to go! Use RealtimeCSG to create complex level geometry in minutes, and place down the wide variety of prefabs included with the framework!

Feature Packed

The Hello Mario Framework includes tons of features taken from various 3D Mario games. A huge number of pre-made enemies and items can be used in the levels you create, and it even includes a title screen, hub world, settings menu, and more! Create a full-length game with Hello Mario Framework!

Code Repository

The Hello Mario Framework is on GitHub. Click here to view this project's repository!

New Stuff

You can download the latest version of the framework at all times, and see the latest code changes made as they happen! If you just want the latest stable version, you can use the download link on this page instead.


Forking the repository is an easy way to start your own fan-made update to the framework!


Want to show your support? Click the star button to star the project!

Version Control

See the line by line changes made to the framework. You can copy bug fixes over to a game you've already started!

Issue Tracker

Did you find a bug in the framework? Do you have any suggestions? Post them on the issue tracker!


The engine is licensed under the MIT license, which gives you the permissions needed to do what you want with the framework.

"Isekai Mario is my final Mario game, and I will no longer be making Mario games going forward. If you want to see more Mario fangames, it's now up to you to make them in my place! With Hello Mario Framework, anyone can!"


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