The Ultimate Anime Crossover!

Mario and anime come together as one in Isekai Mario, the ultimate anime crossover! Collect over a hundred power stars across multiple scenarios, customize your character's look and voice, summon for hundreds of new anime characters to play as, face off against a wide variety of enemies, interact with a variety of different items, and solve puzzles in this massive crossover of 3D Mario and anime!


Mario meets anime! Play as your favorite anime characters in this 3D Mario fangame!

Isekai Mario includes a scenario system, where each scenario has its own story, star counter, hub world, etc. Each scenario is its own game. You can play them in any order, and use any playable character in any scenario. The constant stream of new games Hello Fangaming has been known for in the past will be coming to an end. Isekai Mario will be Hello Fangaming's main project for the foreseeable future, and will be updated with new scenarios and playable characters! Going forward, all of Hello Fangaming's future games will be released as scenarios instead of as standalone games. What will the future hold in store for Isekai Mario?


Latest version: v1.3

Isekai Mario Android Edition is now available for download

September 2, 2022

Isekai Mario is now available on Android! Take the ultimate anime crossover with you on the go just like any mobile gacha game!

Isekai Mario v1.3 is now available for download

May 13, 2022

It's time to learn Japanese with the all new Super Nippon Roguelike scenario! Explore randomly generated dungeons, solve Japanese puzzles, and collect the treasures within!

  • 51 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 250 anime)
  • 10 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Super Nippon Roguelike
  • 1 new main story level.
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Isekai Trials hub redesign.
  • Added 6 new pictures and MyAnimeList descriptions to Isekaisekai.
  • Replaced one of the unlockable songs in Isekaisekai.
  • Added orange reset switches to Toadette's Sweets Gallery.
  • Added roadmap to the scenario select.
  • There are now 2 different summon banners per day.
  • Added a 10x summon option.
  • Character model optimizations.
  • Added NPC animations.
  • Added cloth and hair physics to character models.
  • Fixed character name: Ames → Ameth
  • Bug fixes.

Isekai Mario v1.2 is now available for download

November 12, 2021

Isekai Mario just got even more anime with the new Isekaisekai scenario! Play anime themed minigames and win lots of coins! The entirety of Super Crown Land was also added as a scenario! Replay this game with all your favorite anime characters!

  • 50 new character models. (Total: 8 Mario, 200 anime)
  • 9 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Isekaisekai
  • New scenario added: Super Crown Land
  • Isekai Trials is now locked until you reach level 10.
  • There is now a new event every month in the main story.
  • Event items now award xp.
  • Lowered the minimum cost of summoning.
  • Increased the summoning rate up to 66.7%.
  • Tuesday's Summon is now That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.
  • Replaced Toad's Trucking Company NPCs with Genshin Impact characters.
  • The percentage of models unlocked is now displayed.
  • PDF manual file removed. All its contents are now in game.
  • The manual page is now opened automatically while you are level 1.
  • Added the ability to zoom the camera.
  • Voices are now sorted by series.
  • Bug fixes.

Isekai Mario v1.1 (SAGE 2021) is now available for download

August 21, 2021

Isekai Mario arrives at SAGE 2021 with a brand new update!

  • 4 new main story levels.
  • 58 new character models. (Total: 8 Mario, 150 anime)
  • 3 new character voices.
  • Molten Highlands painting moved to a later area.
  • New scenario added: Isekai Remix
  • Lowered the cost of summoning.
  • You can now opt for a random summon instead of today's summon.
  • Preview option added to character select.
  • Bug fixes.

Isekai Mario v1.0 is now available for download

March 19, 2021

The initial release includes 3 scenarios and 100 playable characters!

  • Isekai Mario Main Story
  • Isekai Trials
  • Toadette's Sweets Gallery



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Each scenario is a separate game with its own story and star count. Play them in any order!

Isekai Mario Main Story

Stars: 90

Difficulty: Easy

One day, summoning magic was discovered in the Mushroom Kingdom, and with that, the ability to summon those from other worlds is now possible. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse! The magic goes out of control, and all the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom start reincarnating into random anime characters! It is now up to Mario to learn how to use this summoning magic himself, and bring things under control!


Stars: 5

Difficulty: N/A

Welcome to Isekaisekai, The Ultimate Anime Theme Park! Play anime themed minigames and win coin prizes! Learn about the different characters you can summon for and find out about the wide variety of isekai anime that exist in this exciting theme park!

Locked until you reach level 2.

Isekai Trials

Stars: 3

Difficulty: Expert

One day, an otherworldly magic altar was discovered in the middle of the sea in the Mushroom Kingdom. This altar housed magic from another world, and the Royal Magic Institute was formed to research this magic. There is a difficult trial associated with each magic element. Clearing these trials is key to fully understanding this magic. Put your skills to the test by clearing the challenges that await!

Locked until you reach level 10.

Isekai Remix

Stars: 8

Difficulty: Moderate

Play through remixed versions of levels from Toadette's Sweets Gallery and Super Crown Land, and collect the power stars within!

Toadette's Sweets Gallery

Stars: 15

Difficulty: Moderate

The Sweets Gallery is an exhibit full of magical dessert paintings containing worlds within them. The ever curious Captain Toad was exploring these worlds when all of a sudden, the paintings lost their magic, and Captain Toad was left trapped inside! It is now up to you to help Toadette collect the power stars needed to restore magic to the paintings and rescue Captain Toad!

Super Crown Land

Stars: 24

Difficulty: Moderate

Why kidnap the princess when you can become the princess? With the power of the Super Crown, anyone can become one, including Bowser! However, not everyone in the Koopa Kingdom thinks this is a good idea. It is now up to you to help Bowsette put an end to this rebellion, and reunite the Koopa Kingdom under the rule of their new princess!

Super Nippon Roguelike

Stars: 18

Difficulty: Moderate

Welcome to the mythical land of Japan, home of the Japanese language! Here, you will explore randomly generated puzzle filled dungeons while collecting the valuable treasures contained within, all while learning Japanese in the process! It's time to learn Japanese with Super Nippon Roguelike!


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