Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you add *list of features* to Mario Editor? Please?

    Any further feature requests specifically for Mario Editor will be ignored. Sorry!

  • Can you add *list of features* to the Hello Mario Engine? Please?

    The Hello Mario Engine was designed to be easy to modify in order to encourage you to try adding in new things yourself. Try it! It's not as hard as you think.

  • Why do you keep making the same game over and over?

    This is misinformation. While many of the games share the same art style and graphics, all the games include unique levels, and most include unique gimmicks that set them apart from the rest.

  • Does the Hello Mario Engine have messy code? Is it a nightmare to modify?

    This is also misinformation. While old versions of the engine may have been messy, this does not apply to the latest version, which is clean, organised, fully commented, and easy to modify.

  • What is your next fangame going to be, and when will you release it?

    For the latest news on new releases, you can follow the Hello Fangaming Twitter, and subscribe to the Hello Fangaming YouTube.

  • How can I get in contact with you?

    Make a post in the comments section on any page on this site.