Hello Mario Assets

Hello Mario Assets is a collection of hundreds of 3D models and thousands of animations for Unity that you can use to jump start your very own 3D Mario fangame!
A question that people who want to start their own 3D Mario project have is this: Where do I even begin? Websites like The Models Resource don't have all the models you'll need to make a full game, and they don't provide any animations either. Hello Mario Assets is designed to solve this problem by giving you a starting point that you can build on.


Using Hello Mario Assets is as easy as 1-2-3!


If you do not already have Unity installed, go to the Unity website, and download Unity Hub. Unity Personal is free to use.

Download Unity Hub

Open Unity Hub. In the Installs tab, if you don't already have a version of Unity there, click the Add button, and install one. Choose the latest LTS release if you want a stable version of Unity. Once you have an install of Unity there, go back to the Projects tab, click the New button and create a new project.


Download the Hello Mario Assets Unity package file, and from within a Unity project, click Assets > Import Package > Custom Package, and choose the HelloMarioAssets.unitypackage file. It may take a while to import everything. Be patient.

Download Hello Mario Assets


Latest version: v1.0

Hello Mario Assets

Unity package file. Designed for Unity 2019.4 and above.


Hello Mario Assets Preview

EXE preview for Windows. Showcases most of the models included in Hello Mario Assets.


Hello Mario Assets v1.0 (September 21, 2020)

Initial Release

Made in Unity using assets from Hello Mario Assets! Includes over a hundred power stars, and hundreds of playable characters!

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