Super Mario Eclipse

Synopsis: The eclipse stars, a source of mythical powers, have been unleashed upon the world. As a result, the entire Mushroom Kingdom has been shrouded in the shadows of an everlasting eclipse. It is up to Mario to collect these stars, and save everyone from an eternal twilight.

Release Date: November 26, 2013

Genre: Platform/Puzzle

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  • This game introduces tons of different puzzles and game mechanics to the usual Mario formula.
  • The game is structured so that each regular level introduces a new gimmick to the mix, and each shrine level mashes up existing gimmicks together to form new puzzles.
  • Some of the puzzles involve colored lights, and mixing lights to create different colors.
  • You need to talk with and trade items with toads to unlock new levels.
  • Super Mario Eclipse supports The Exchange! If you collected all of the E-Coins in Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil or Super Mario Dynamo, you will be able to unlock the dark or golden doors.
  • This is Hello Fangaming's first and only game to feature the 432x240 screen resolution.