Super Mario Dynamo

Synopsis: The people of the Mushroom Kingdom have finally embraced industrialization, and it is all thanks to everyone's favorite plumber, Luigi! Unfortunately, Luigi's greed got the best of him, and the entire kingdom became shrouded in darkness. The thick smog emanating from Luigi's accomplishments have darkened the once bright and colorful kingdom. It is now up to Mario to try and solve this dilemma!

Release Date: November 3, 2014

Genre: Platform

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  • This very challenging game takes advantage of wall jump mechanics in new and unique ways, and out of all of Hello Fangaming's 2D games, this one is still one of Hello Fangaming's personal favorites.
  • Unlike Hello Fangaming's previous difficulty based games, Super Mario Dynamo keeps things fair with infinite lives and plentiful checkpoints.
  • Each level has a set powerup that you need to use in conjunction with the wall jump ability in order to complete the level. You can not lose this powerup even if you take damage.
  • This game includes Hello Fangaming's largest pipe maze ever, Pipe Tangle. Unlike other pipe maze levels, this level actually feels like a maze, in that you get lost, and need to find the way out.
  • Super Mario Dynamo supports The Exchange! If you collected all of the E-Coins in Super Mario Eclipse, you will be able to enter a locked building in Frostbite Path.
  • This is Hello Fangaming's first game to feature the 384x216 screen resolution. Both this, and the wall jump ability were later added to the Hello Mario Engine.
  • On May 2017, the version 1.1 update of Super Mario Dynamo was released. This update added Daredevil Mode, a game mode where every hit results in instant death, minor level design tweaks, and backported bug fixes.