Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil

Synopsis: A dark force has begun to sweep over the Mushroom Kingdom. Guns have been introduced into the world mysteriously, and are being used to bring about death and destruction. It is up to Mario (or Luigi) to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the Ztars.

Release Date: November 12, 2012

Genre: Shooter

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  • This game adds tons of new guns and gameplay elements compared to previous shooting games, and makes more changes to the Hello Mario Engine's code base then any of Hello Fangaming's previous games.
  • During the creation of Ztar Turmoil, a lot of code changes needed to be made to the engine, and Hello Fangaming quickly realized that the duplicate code problem in the engine really needed to be addressed at some point. The problem was finally addressed in 2014 with the release of the sixth version of the Hello Mario Engine.
  • Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil is Hello Fangaming's longest 2D game.
  • The bonus chapter from Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil is currently Hello Fangaming's longest 2D level! This level included parts themed after every other level in the game in order to create one massive and challenging level.
  • This game brings back the dismemberment feature previously only seen in Super Mario Bros: Dark Days.
  • This is Hello Fangaming's only fangame to massively overhaul all of the enemy sprites. These sprites were later reused in The Shroom Project.
  • This game's shooter gameplay mechanics were later improved upon with the release of The Shroom Project.
  • Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil is the first game to feature The Exchange, a feature inspired by Stop 'n' Swap, that allows you to unlock content between different games.
  • This is Hello Fangaming's final 320x240 resolution game, final 4:3 ratio game, and final legacy Game Maker game.