Super Mario Bros: Seeking Sunshine

Synopsis: There was one night that for some reason has lasted for an unusually long time. Mario now must go on an adventure to collect the shines solving all sorts of puzzles on the way, and restore daylight to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Release Date: October 26, 2009

Genre: Platform/Puzzle

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  • This game improves on Hello Fangaming's previous games that had the concept of collecting things and solving on/off block switch puzzles in order to beat the level, and is the definitive version of this concept.
  • Having the state of the on/off blocks remembered between rooms made a difference gameplay wise because you can travel to different rooms to reset the rest of the level without resetting the on/off blocks.
  • Colossal Cliffside, this game's second level, was later recreated in the Hello Fangaming Collection.