Super Mario Bros: Mythical Mushrooms

Synopsis: There is a legend that tells of five mythical mushrooms of untold power. Mario sets off on a journey to collect these mushrooms in this challenging metroidvania platformer.

Release Date: October 24, 2011

Genre: Platform/Metroidvania

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  • This game includes everything you would expect from a metroidvania, like unlockable powerups, upgradable health, and a handy map system. The game also features the all new Yoshi Suit powerup! Currently Hello Fangaming's definitive open world style game!
  • Super Mario Bros: Mythical Mushrooms made an appearance in the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention in 2011.
  • This is Hello Fangaming's last game to feature Bowser as the main villian.
  • Out of all of Hello Fangaming's games, Super Mario Bros: Mythical Mushrooms has the longest title.
  • The Yoshi Suit later makes a reappearance in Super Mario Eclipse. The Red Yoshi Suit never makes a reappearance.