Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash

Synopsis: Play as both Mario and Luigi at the same time as they go on a journey to defeat Bowser and Wart!

Release Date: October 18, 2007

Genre: Platform

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  • This is Hello Fangaming's first game that can be played as a multiplayer game. A single player can also control both characters at the same time.
  • This game features lots of difficult co-op puzzles.
  • The game's controls are set up so that you can play as Mario with your right hand, and Luigi with your left hand. At the same time.
  • The game has a bug where the lives never go down.
  • This game was created using an open source SMB2 engine Hello Fangaming released in the past.
  • The abbreviation of this game is SMB:DD. This abbreviation was also used with Super Mario Bros: Dark Days. Surprisingly, out of all of Hello Fangaming's games, this is the only case of this happening.