Super Mario Bros: Bloody Battles

Synopsis: Bowser somehow got ahold of deadly weapons, and is using them to terrorize the Mushroom Kingdom, spilling blood everywhere. It is up to you to avenge the deaths of so many. Annihilate Bowser and his minions with all kinds of weapons.

Release Date: July 24, 2009

Genre: Shooter

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  • In Super Mario Bros: Bloody Battles, blood and guns are back, and this time, utilising the third version of the Hello Mario Engine, with different types of guns, and with actual Mario game mechanics too!
  • This is Hello Fangaming's first game to allow you to choose between Mario and Luigi at the start.
  • The gun mechanics were inspired by the guns in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.
  • The shooting mechanics were later improved upon with the release of Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil.
  • Mario can ride the blue, shades wearing Boshi instead of boring old Yoshi.
  • Slaughter Sector, one of this game's secret levels, was later recreated in the Hello Fangaming Collection as Combustive Cemetery.