Super Luigi and the Golden Shrooms

Synopsis: Luigi needs to explore many different areas to find and collect golden mushrooms. There are lots of golden mushrooms scattered all over the Mushroom Kingdom. When all of them are collected, they function as a key, allowing you into a vault filled with riches. Unfortunately, these mushrooms are scattered everywhere, so collecting them will be a long and difficult task. Luckily, Luigi has plenty of free time, so he heads off in search of these mushrooms.

Release Date: October 22, 2008

Genre: Platform/Collectathon

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  • This is Hello Fangaming's first open world style game! This gameplay style is later improved upon in Super Mario Bros: Shine Expedition.
  • Super Luigi and the Golden Shrooms made an appearance in the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention in 2008. Unfortunately, its booth was hosted off site, and is no longer available for viewing.
  • There are 60 golden shrooms for Luigi to collect.
  • Yellow pipes lead the player to rooms where they can save.

Developer Map

The map that was used during the development of the game.