Hello Fangaming Collection

Synopsis: Join Mario and Luigi on their adventure in this ten year anniversary collection! This collection includes an assortment of remastered levels handpicked from a wide variety of fangames released by Hello Fangaming between 2006-2016.

Release Date: August 24, 2015

Genre: Platform

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  • This game includes a selection of remastered levels from various games, as well as towns filled with toads that talk about these games.
  • You have the choice of playing as either Mario or Luigi.
  • This game has a non-linear world map, and no defined ending.
  • You can collect game discs that are scattered throughout this game's levels that represent all of Hello Fangaming's older games.
  • Each level has been remastered in order to give them all a fresh and unique look and feel. No two levels will feel the same.
  • The Hello Fangaming Collection supports The Exchange! If you collected the ice key in Super Mario Eclipse, you will be able to enter a locked door in Welcome Peaks.