Hello Fangaming Collection 10 Years of Fangaming!

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Join Mario and Luigi on their adventure in this ten year anniversary collection! This collection includes an assortment of remastered levels handpicked from a wide variety of fangames released by Hello Fangaming between 2006-2016.


  • SHIFT/X: Jump/Enter Level/Menu Selection
  • SHIFT+UP/X+UP: Spin Jump
  • CONTROL/Z: Run/Pick Things Up/Talk
  • ARROW KEYS: Move/Duck/Slide Down Slopes
  • ENTER: Pause Menu
  • ALT+R: Restart Game
  • ALT+ENTER: Full Screen
  • ALT+F4: Quit Game
  • ALT+V: VSync (Turn this OFF when recording)
  • ALT+F: FPS Display